Retirement Plan Analysis

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Retirement Plan Analysis

Company Retirement Plans

General Consulting Services

Foresight Benefits can play a critical part throughout the life of your 401(k) plan. We begin by identifying your expectations and defining what you can expect of us. This detailed outline becomes your “Bill of Rights.” The Bill of Rights allows both Foresight Benefits and you to have a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Foresight Benefits will provide you with the solution you need to meet your retirement plan objectives. We can offer you a turnkey approach to managing your retirement plan. This one-stop service allows you to centralize and streamline the operation of your plan.

Foresight Benefits provides comprehensive support for employees and your Human Resources staff. Our solutions give you the advantage.

Plan Design Implementation & Maintenance

Phase 1 — Feasibility Study & Design The success of your retirement plan depends on careful consideration throughout plan design & post-enrollment services. We determine your objectives by:

  • Collection of data concerning your company, your employees & existing programs.
  • Actuarial analysis of employee data to estimate costs under various pension & profit sharing plans.

It is essential that we tailor a plan that fits your needs.

Phase 2 — Investment Selection provided through Great West.

The investment options offered in a retirement plan play a major role in the long-term success of your plan. These options must accommodate the differing investment objectives & risk profiles of your employees. In this selection process the following are considered:

  • Demographics of eligible employees
  • Performance & objective for each investment option
  • Covering the risk reward spectrum with investment options available
  • Compliance with ERISA section 404(c)

Your company then adopts an Investment Policy Statement.

Phase 3 — Installation

Foresight Benefits considers the attention to the employee communication process to be one of our strengths. We will work with you to identify & implement a program that effectively communicates the features of your retirement plan to all employees:

  • Announcement campaign
  • Enrollment meetings
  • One on one meetings

Your employees will receive clear concise materials designed to encourage participation. An effective communications strategy will give your plan the appropriate visibility to help your employees appreciate the plan & value it as a benefit!

Phase 4 — Ongoing support and an effective communication program should not end with the initial enrollment meeting. On-going education & communication will keep participants informed about your plan.

  • Quarterly statements
  • Internet services
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • On-going meetings for new hires
  • On-going education programs
  • Access to our registered representative

Summarizing Foresight Benefits Services to the Employer

Foresight Benefits will review your current investments based on your historical returns, against their investments style peers and benchmarks. We will review and analyze all internal and external fees affiliated with the investment vehicles. We will then make our recommendation based on the outcome of our research.

Foresight Benefits will make sure your company’s retirement plan offers investment opportunities across multiple disciplines and asset classes. We will track investment performance against benchmarks and your investment policy on a continual basis. We will monitor asset class style consistency in correlation with stated investment objectives.

Foresight Benefits will deliver an Investment Policy Statement for your approval and adoption and attend a Board of Directors Meeting once a year.

Excellent Employee Communication and Education

How do we communicate it to your Employees?

Effective and consistent communication is the key to achieving a high level of employee participation in your 401(k) plan. Education and useful information provided to employees will promote greater plan appreciation and participation. Your Human Resource department and Foresight Benefits will put a time-line together, not just for the first enrollment, but also for the entire year. This, of course, can be modified as circumstances arise.

Whether your plan is a start-up plan or we will be taking over an established plan, we will provide employee education. All brochures serve the full range of your employees from the first time investor to the expert investor. All educational steps we take meet the 404c regulations. This regulation is formulated to help remove the liability from the company and put responsibility for investment choices onto the individual employees.

We provide:

  • An employee brochure focusing on investing and assembling a portfolio.
  • Customized overhead group presentation describing the investment options offered in your company’s plan.
  • Fund fact sheets and prospectuses.
  • An easy- to-follow enrollment package.
  • Re-enrollment services, ongoing management.
  • Individual tax impact and savings studies for 401(k) enrollees.
  • A financial adviser to help employees in formulating a personal portfolio.
  • Direct access for your employees to our qualified staff.
  • Ongoing educational based seminars.
  • Informative newsletters to participants.
  • Personalized assistance when corporate demographics change and you experience of downsizing rapid growth.
  • Payroll stuffers and posters.

Through secured Internet links, we often can help lead your employees directly into their retirement accounts. This gives them access to their account balances, allows them to make address changes, and investment election changes. They can also access educational information.