Financial Business & Estate Planning

Would you & your company executives benefit from a complimentary financial plan?

Financial Business & Estate Planning

Why is there a need for a strategy for a lifetime?

Inflation, new tax laws, fluctuating interest rates and a variety of financial products have created a changeable and confusing financial environment. Old ways of preparing for the future no longer lead to security, and it is easy to get lost in the maze of new information. Yet, these financial tasks must still be accomplished:

  • Hedging against inflation
  • Reducing income taxes
  • Providing for education
  • Increasing net worth
  • Planning for retirement
  • Using insurance effectively
  • Providing for a worry free distribution of your estate

A variety of financial tools are needed to create each person’s solution to this complex set of problems. A sound strategy combines the right mixture of financial products to create a secure future.

Foresight Benefits listens to and learns from your feelings about financial issues and situations. Then, we analyze your financial situation objectively to determine which financial course fits both your circumstances and preferences.

Foresight Benefits is unique because we consider and identify what you want.

Foresight Benefits provides a snapshot of your investment temperament, based on your concerns, desires, and needs. Foresight Benefits compares the profile of your current strategy against your self-determined ideal. Foresight Benefits then plots a course towards helping you achieve your investment goals, faster and with more certainty. Foresight Benefits monitors and suggests adjustments when appropriate.

What do we mean by Business Planning? Foresight Benefits provides you with an objective position, as a tool to help you make informed decisions inside your business that will help you to achieve your lifetime goals.

Foresight Benefits will help you accomplish a balanced business financial strategy, one that maximizes reward potential and minimizes risks.

What can we do for you?

  • Foresight Benefits can help you identify your key financial concerns.
  • Foresight Benefits evaluates your current and future strategies in relation to your concerns.
  • Foresight Benefits identifies weaknesses in specific strategies.
  • Foresight Benefits suggest tax-advantaged methods for achieving your goals.

Your course will flow through the following areas:

1. Business Valuation

  • Measure current and projected values.
  • Effective use of owner’s equity.
  • Assure smooth change in ownership at best possible price.
  • Simplify buy-sell planning.

2. Employee Benefits

  • Review standard and selective benefits.
  • Help recruit and retain key employees.
  • Maintain cost control.
  • Improve benefits to owner’s family.

3. Business Financial Statements & Ratios

  • Current and projected financials.
  • Your key financial ratios vs. industry standards.

4. Key Employee Valuation

  • Protect businesses from sudden loss.
  • Incentives preserve existing cash flow.
  • Tax advantage.
  • Owners may share in benefits.

Do you need this planning?

  • How do I ensure that cash flows, credit line, and business profits will be available for expanding your business?
  • Is my business paying more in taxes than is necessary?
  • Where do I want my business strategies to take me?
  • How can my business dollars be used to help me recruit and retain key executives and employees?
  • What steps can I take now to assure an orderly transfer of my business at a top price, at my retirement upon sale or my death?
  • What opportunities are open to me to use business dollars for my personal needs?
  • Who will take over my business in the event of my death, disability?
  • How will I pass the baton?