Benefits Programs & Consulting

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Employee Communication

Today one of your biggest expenses is employee benefits. It does you no good if your employees do not perceive value in what you provide. Foresight Benefits is an advocate in educating your employees about their benefits and how they fit into their personal lives both on a benefit level and cost level.

We view ourselves as being in partnership with our clients in creating a benefit program that delivers a true benefit for both employer and their employees. We assist your human resource department by developing timely, informative and easy-to-understand communication materials for your employees. Some areas include:

Open Enrollment and New-Hire Kits

These kits include cover letters with explanation and direction on how to complete the enrollment forms. They also include benefit summaries, and any other pertinent materials.

Summary Plan Description

Once an employee is enrolled in your company benefit program they will receive a summary description covering all benefits. These SPDs meet all ERISA requirements.

Employee Handbooks

These handbooks not only include the benefit programs but also human resource policies and procedure. Items like vacation and sick leave policies to sexual harassment, and disability.

Employee Benefit Statements

These statements show the employees their actual earnings from the employer. We take the employee’s income and add to it all the “extras” a client provides i.e. benefit plan premiums, retirement, contributions, taxes, etc. The employee then views his true paycheck.


We coordinate with your carriers to provide employee newsletters. This information is generally distributed quarterly and it’s free. It assists your employees with helpful suggestions about healthy lifestyles and disease control.

Before we design employee materials we meet with you to find out what might motivate your employees to achieve the desired results. If we do need to develop customized communication materials we will present estimates for sign-off.

Vendor Analysis

This is an area that is often overlooked by employers because they do not always take the time to ask their broker about their relationships with vendors. One of the most important assets a broker group can bring to the table is a broad knowledge about the HMO & insurance industry and the suppliers in it. Foresight Benefits has the ability to recommend the carriers that are the best fit for your particular situation. It is one of our differentiating areas.

Once the vendor is identified, Foresight Benefits ensures that implementation is smooth, on time, and communicated thoroughly to all your employees.

In this area we include the following services:

  • Pre-qualify potential vendors
  • Prepare and distribute a RFQ (request for quote) outlying the specific areas of need
  • Respond to all vendor questions and issues
  • Evaluate proposals for benefit design, policies, and cost
  • Prepare and present a report of our research, using a spreadsheet format
  • Present our recommendations
  • Oversee all underwriting issues
  • Negotiate premiums in underwriting
  • Communicate to all employees of the approval and new carrier systems

We manage our vendors daily therefore we are always prepared for renewals and regular evaluation. We assist in resolving any problems relating to vendor performance. We act as arbitrators in resolving claim problems or procedures, billing problems, and other difficult areas that may arise.

We believe in quality products and impeccable service.

Policy Review and Comparison

Our clients rely on us to ensure that all new contracts and plan documents are accurate in such areas as:

  • Eligibility
  • Employer specifications
  • Definitions
  • Contract Provision
  • Current Legislation
  • Rates

We assist our clients in amending plan documents as necessary, and suggest the language that is required. We then coordinate the distribution of the amendments to all employees.

Foresight Benefits & Insurance Services is not a legal entity therefore we do not perform legal review of documents or contracts.

Bill of Rights

The process of building a successful relationship begins with a detailed outline of the services we will be providing. This becomes your “Bill of Rights” The Bill of Rights allows both Foresight Benefits and you to have a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities.

  • Personalized employee enrollment meetings. Conducted by our partners and professional staff.
  • A comprehensive benefit overview provided to all full time employees at enrollment. In addition to a summary for all benefits, each employee will receive a packet explaining how to add or delete dependants, how to determine eligibility and premium sharing, identifying provider networks and explaining other offerings such as Section 125 and voluntary benefits.
  • New employee eligibility tracking. Online updating of enrollments and terminations.
  • COBRA new hire notification letters. A letter will be sent to the employees’ homes advising of COBRA rights when the employee is added to the plan.
  • New hire materials and meetings provided as needed. We will contact your new employees to be sure your plans are fully understood and appreciated.
  • 100% online administrative support. We are always available to answer your questions.
  • Claims arbitration service. We are experienced and vigilant in seeing that claims issues are resolved.
  • Annual benefit statements for all full time employees. Benefit statements show true compensation, including employer’s cost for benefits, sick and vacation time, FICA, Medicare and worker’s comp.
  • Each of our clients is asked to complete an appraisal questionnaire assessing our service and offering suggestions for improvement.